What Are The Top 5 Adjustable Weight Sets For Bodybuilding?

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Top 5 Adjustable Weight Sets

Weight sets are essential tools if you want to build more muscle. There are a lot of adjustable weight sets available in the market today and it can get confusing to find the best one.

Here are out Top 5 Adjustable Weight Sets

Picture Name Price Rating
Select Technology Bowflex SelectTech 552 $$ 4.5 Stars
90-lift-shot Power Block Elite $$$ 5 Stars
Dumbbells Iron master Quick-Lock $$$ 5 Stars
pair-of-adjustable-dumbbells Bayou Fitness $ 4.5 Stars
40 pound CAP Barbell $ 4 Stars

1. Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells

It is not at all surprising that this product made in out list of the best weight sets because Bowflex is one of the top manufacturers and distributors of exercise equipment in the US as of today. People just seem to trust quality of the product when they know that it is Bowflex and here are the reasons why.

Having a SelectTech 552 Adjustable weight set is just like owning fifteen dumbbells rolled into one. The weight range of each set is from 5 to 52.5 pounds and can be adjusted by 2.5 pounds, making this the best weight training buddy not just for men but also for women. Because of its versatile adjustments on the increments of the weights, beginner and advanced lifters will also love this product.

Select Technology

If you are no longer challenged with a 50 pound weight, then you can always add some weight plates to keep you challenged with your exercise routine. The SelectTech 552 also comes with a very helpful DVD which teaches and shows user of the effective and safe ways of how they can weight lift.

The dumbbells are made from hard steel but the hand grip was ergonomically designed with a textured rubber to make sure that the users are comfortable with it and to assure the durability of the product. Bowflex also has that signature dial mechanism that allows for the easy change of the weights with just a turn on a switch. You can enjoy all the great features of this weight set for an unlimited time for only $299 with a two year warranty because Bowflex products are built to last.


2. Power Block Elite Adjustable Dumbbells

Those who choose to exercise at home rely on the use of barbells or dumbbells most of the time, Power Block knows that very much which is why they provide their customers with dumbbells that can cover a wide range of options for their workout and exercise routines and so the Power Block Elite Adjustable Dumbbells was created.

With this dumbbell, it would be very hard not to notice its interesting, compact and unique design. This set is very durable and almost entirely made from steel. You can adjust the weight of each dumbbell by five to ten pound of increments, ranging from five to ninety pounds and this makes it easy to quickly change in between sets.

Power Block also prides their brand on how easy they made it for the user to add or remove plates. Users only have to pull the selector pin out and then just push it back for the new selection. Power Block Elite Adjustable Dumbbells has one of the easiest and fastest changing mechanisms that you can find in the market, making this one of the best pick.


The hand grips of this set was designed to make its user comfortable for them not to have a hard time gripping on the dumbbell and just concentrate on lifting it. The design of the grip which is close caged can also be helpful to help lessen the possibility of a wrist injury to the user.

Each dumbbell can hold up to a hundred and thirty pounds, depending if you want to purchase additional or more weights than what is included in the set. The price ranges from $299 – $599, which is very much cost effective, considering how versatile and wide the range of the plates that each weight set can hold is. Power Block also offer and ten year long manufacture warranty for their product, another great feature.


3. Ironmaster Quick-Lock Adjustable Dumbbell System

Looking at the Ironmaster Quick-Lock weight set, it appears to have no special feature that would make it stand out from the rest of the dumbbells that are now available in the market. However, the fact that it is very effective in doing what it was designed for which is weight training and that this kind of dumbbell is not just designed to be attractive to the eyes but to last for a very long time, are reasons enough for it to make it on this list.

This set comes in two versions and both versions can hold a minimum of five pounds. One has a capacity of 45 pounds and the other can accommodate up to 75 pounds, the load on each dumbbell can be adjusted by two and a half pound.


It also has quick lock mechanism that allows users to adjust weights easily in a fast way and the locking screws are made strong and tightens on the weights so users do not to have to worry that it might break when a lot of weights are put in.

The dumbbells are also made with steel and are all chrome-plated. The product is also guaranteed safe to use because the dumbbells feel strong and sturdy, not unstable or flimsy when you exercise with them. The 45 pound version is worth $329 and the 75 pound can be purchased for $529. This model has no flashy design or boasts with a lot features that it comes with but the product’s durability, versatility and its ability to fulfill the basic purpose of which it was designed for will give you your money’s worth.


4. Bayou Fitness Pair Adjustable Weight Sets

This product comes at a less pricey cost compared to the first three that were part of this list. The Bayou Fitness Dumbbells come in two different weight ranges; the first one has a range from 5 pound up to 25 pounds and can be adjusted by a five-pound increment and the other ranges from 10 pound up to 50 pounds which can be adjusted by 10 pound increments.

You can combine up to 5 sets of weight in just one dumbbell using an easy and unique adjustment mechanism used by this model which is called the slide system. All you have to do is to just move the knob that is specifically for adjusting weights. When put together, the plates are also assembled firmly and strongly so they don’t “clank” or hit each other when you are using them during exercise.

Because of the compact design of this weight set, you won’t have to have a hard time making a lot of space just to accommodate it. This type is great for those who want do strength training and want to tone different parts of the body. There are a lot of different types of exercises performed for different parts of the body you can do with this dumbbell.


Not only is this product a space-friendly one, the Bayou weight set is also cheaper than the previous options featured in this list. You can get the 25 pound set for $148 and the 50 pound one for only $260. It might be cheaper but the quality, durability and the versatility of this product is not compromised which is why it was able to make its way on this Top 5 list.

So if you are trying to watch you budget but still want to get a weight set that will surely last and can give you what it has promised, which is to help you in achieving that strong and toned body, then this Bayou product might just be the one you are looking for.


5. Cap Barbell 40-Pound Adjustable Dumbbell Set

This dumbbell set comes in second after the Bowflex SelectTech Adjustable Weight Set as the best-selling dumbbell set. The Cap Barbell 40 looks like the classic dumbbell and with no exciting or new features; we can call it the plain vanilla of the weight sets as compared to the other options that are available in the market today. But don’t be fooled, despite it’s being simple, the CAP Barbell, the manufacturer and distributor of this weight set, is famous for a lot of reasons.

One of the reasons why this dumbbell is so famous to the customers is because of its price. Its original price is $99 but you can now own one set for only $49 from Amazon. This kind of dumbbell is basically for those people who still like the classic and the original. It can be adjusted by 5 pound increments but the changing of weights may take a little more time with this kind of setup compared to others, which have advanced adjustment system. CAP Barbell sticks with the classic ways and so that is what is to be expected with their products.

When changing the weights, what you have to do is to remove the bolt by turning it and you can add or remove some, depending on what you would like to do, then carefully return the bolt back into its place. It’s easy but it really does take some time. If you want, you can consider the changing process a part of your exercise routine when using the Cap Barbell.

40 pound

Basically, this weight set is low tech or simple and is very inexpensive, way far from the other weight sets that are available out there. However, this is also reliable and effective exercise equipment. For those who are on a tight budget but still want to have a great product in their home gym, Cap Barbell’s weight set is a good choice.



There are a lot of exercise routines that can be done with a weight set which target different parts of the body with different muscle groups, not only the upper part of the body but the whole body as well. This is one of the reasons why having a weight set when you want to do home-based workout training is very important.

An adjustable product is not only very flexible exercise equipment because just one pair can offer a variety of weights. It also helps the user save time, space from the exercise area and money because just one pair can equal up to sixteen of the regular ones.

There are a lot of weight sets that you can buy both in online and offline stores, the products that were included in the list are some of the best that you can have. Some of them because of the ergonomic design, the high end weight changing mechanisms or because of the very wide range of weights that one pair can provide and some because they are affordable and achievable for most people.

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