Water Rowing Machines Review

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Rowing machines mimics the act of actual rowing on water, and what better way to emulate this than to use actual water resistance on your indoor rower. Resistance on water increases as your pace increases. Through an indoor rower which uses water resistance, you are able to better adjust the pressure by simply adding or removing water in the hydraulic tank for a better customized workout.

With all its advantages, there are still some people who actually prefer air resistance over water resistance. Some say that air resistance on an indoor rower for some reason actually best mimics the actual act of rowing on water. The problem with air resistance is that it is actually noisier than water resistance. Still, some prefer magnetic resistance over water resistance because indoor rowers with water resistance are very heavy and are designed to be stationary as it holds one, or even 2 tanks of full water at times.

Indoor rowers which also employ water resistance are usually on the higher end of the market as they tend to be a bit pricier. It also requires better maintenance as the water tanks need constant replacing at intervals. Still, some prefer water resistance as it gives them a more authentic feel, complete with the whooshing sound while rowing. There are not many manufacturers who use water resistance on their indoor rowers, although, water resistance still is one of the top picks for an indoor rower’s resistance system.

Perhaps the best benefit of choosing water resistance over the other forms is that the movement on it is very fluid, you don’t feel any impact, bumps, or jerkiness that you typically get on magnetic resistance rowing machines so you get that relaxing feel you get from actual rowing.

Among the top brands that actually use water resistance on their indoor rowers are

  • Concept2
  • Waterrower
  • First Degree Fluid Rowers

Water tanks on indoor rowers employs the use of a paddle which rotates around the water, this creates the machine’s resistance. Water Flywheels are actually heavier, and are more resistant than air flywheels. Some people have the notion that air resistance best stimulates rowing on water because air resistance on indoor rowers are actually lighter, easier to navigate. However, if you have actually experienced the real thing, you would feel the difference and would therefore know that rowing on water is not supposed to be as light and easy – It should be heavy but fluid.

If you have the budget and the desire for that actual row on water feel, then water resistance indoor rowers are best for you. Water resistance is still an amazing innovation as compared to the other older types of resistance.

Water Resistance Rowers Online

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