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Treadmill ReviewTreadmill ReviewA treadmill is one of the most in-demand home fitness equipment. As an exercise machine for walking and running while in place, among its health benefits is cardiovascular exercise for the heart and circulatory system. It is also one of the easiest ways to burn those calories away since walking and running are natural exercises.

The choice of the treadmill you will need to buy will mostly depend on the amount of the exercise you need in terms of strength and frequency. With this clearly in mind, it is well-recommended that you take a closer look at some of the important features in order to make the right decision.

Features the Best Treadmill Should Have

First, you need to define your purpose in using this since it is home fitness equipment which is basically built to cater to different users in terms of body size and height. With your purpose properly noted, you will then be able to generally decide the type of treadmill which will suit you.

For example, people who are taller than 6 feet, require a robust machine which will accommodate their longer legs and stride, as well as their heftier body weight. In terms of weight, a person who is in excess of 200 pounds will need a model which has a stronger belt and deck, as well as a larger motor.

The choice of the deck, whether it is folding or non-folding, depends on the user and if he uses the treadmill for serious and continuous workouts. In such a case, a non-folding deck is highly recommended, while the folding unit can be considered if you have space issues. The machine’s motor is usually in the range of 2.5 HP continuous duty motor. Please check and make sure that it has a minimum ten-year warranty.

Another important feature you need to consider is the adjustable incline and decline system of the machine. Most models with this option offer adjustable incline settings between 10 and 15 degrees. The speed range is equally important since this will allow you to adjust your exercise activity according to strength and frequency. Speed settings mostly permit up to 15 mph, with 10 to 12 mph being the usual rate of speed.

The belt, which is the most used part of this exercise equipment, must be of top quality and must be constructed of two-ply layers. It needs to be durable and its dimensions must be able to withstand the varying degrees of strides, speeds and weights accordingly.

The console and the electronics are also important features, particularly if you need to monitor your heart and pulse while walking or running on the exercise machine.

The decks and cushions must also be considered since they have a direct effect on the joints and ligaments of your legs and feet every time you use the equipment.

The other features must be able to pass the official safety standard test as a home fitness equipment and indoor exercise machine. If you choose to buy the folding type, you need to consider how you will store the treadmill safely and securely.

Let’s look at the three general types you can choose from.


Review of the different Treadmill Types


manual treadmillManual Treadmill:

The manual treadmill is turned on when the user starts walking or running on the unit’s belt. Since it requires no motor, this is obviously the least expensive and the easiest to store and move around. The advantage of this is it conforms to the user’s own ability to exercise on the machine, while the disadvantage is when fatigue comes in, this exercise equipment slowly loses the stride on the belt.


folding treadmillFolding Treadmill:

The folding treadmill is a popular type of this exercise machine, especially with people who do not have sufficient space for a non-folding one. This also means that while not in use, the machine is kept and stored safely from any unforeseen circumstances. While folding models offer some extra convenience by saving space, you need to remember that non-folding models are normally a bit more stable and cheaper.


motorized treadmillMotorized Treadmill:

The motorized treadmill allows the user to do many things with the exercise machine like setting the pace or automatically setting the incline or decline over a specified period of time. This will, of course, be more expensive than the manual version but the advantages especially to the serious users are tremendous. The motorized treadmill is usually complemented with an electronic console which has state-of-the-art monitors for your heart, pulse, speed and more.

There are basically two options you need to consider when buying a motorized model.

The continuous duty motor. While costs is the user’s primary concern, he must also consider if the motor has sufficient power in terms of the frequency of use of the exercise machine. Continuous duty generally means that the motor will be activated for a highly-sustained period of time.

The inclines. Most users combine treadmill exercises with actual outdoor walking or running. Usually, the inclines of this machine may range between 10 and 15 degrees but there are machines already in the market which has ranges from 20 to 30 degrees incline. A motorized model with incline features is ideal for those looking to increase the strength in their legs.



While the budget needs to be carefully considered in choosing the best treadmill machine for you, it is also best to consider what type of exercise you presently need and what your training goals are. For triathlon training for example you should choose a professional model while a budget option is fine for most beginners. The features to consider as mentioned above must all be checked and verified so that when you finally decide to buy one, it will serve you with utmost efficiency and effectivity.


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