Quick Guide to Successful Home Gym Maintenance

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After you’ve created your home gym, you’ll want to keep you equipments in excellent condition. That’s really important because with frequent use, the equipments accumulate dirt and germ. With proper care, your machines will also last longer. No need to spend extra cash changing machines every year; mine lasted close to 5 years before I decided to change a new set. The old machine still works well and it’s in the good hands of my brother in-law now.

How to maintain your home gym equipments in great condition? Here are some quick guides:

1. Check your equipments for signs of wear and tear

A routine check helps you to pinpoint any signs of tear or damage so that you can fix them problem immediately. Machines also come with a lot of bolting and screws so be sure to check those out too. Regardless of your local gym or home gym, don’t work out on the machine knowing that it’s not well assembled and maintained. Always practice safety first.

2. Oil and grease your machine from time to time

Hearing creaky sounds or machines not functioning smoothly? It’s time to oil that machine. Before doing this, you should check the manual to see how frequent you should oil certain parts or if this is even necessary. Take note of parts where gears are located. Usually they tend to jam if not oiled properly.

3. Wipe the equipments with a mild cleaning solution

Sweat and grime on equipments trap bacteria and it’s not good to work out in a dirty machine. What you got to do is use a disinfectant or mild cleaning solution to wipe down the equipments. Don’t forget to clean the floor surface as well; sanitize the machine and its surrounding area to create a germ-free workout space.

4. If your machine has a belt, remember to check on it

Usually, belts are found in treadmills. If your exercise station has a treadmill, you got to check the belt for worn-out signs. The belt should always run in the center. If it’s not, then you got to make some alignment adjustments (refer to manual). Secondly, you risk tripping if the belt isn’t tight enough or if it’s too tight, it’ll wear out quickly. Check and see how well the belt fits in the machine.

5. Protect your machine with power surge protector

Some machines have to be plugged into a power supply. Like all other electrical equipments, you ought to prevent unnecessary power surge from damaging the machine. You can get power surge protectors from you local electrical or hardware store.

These quick guides are meant to help you create a lasting home gym. With simple routine checks and maintenance procedures, you can make your machine last a lot longer and save on repair costs. I make sure that these steps are covered in my personal home gym maintenance. If you’re keen to know more about home gyms, why not check out How to Create the Best Home Gym and 5 Gym Mistakes to Avoid.

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