How to Create the Best Home Gym

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Have you ever caught yourself finding an excuse to stay home and not go to gym? Well, I used to do that after my long hours on business trips until I realized that it’ll be great if only I had gym….at HOME! That’s when I decided to build the best home gym. I am a busy executive and image is very important to me. But, I travel often and it just isn’t practical to keep multiple gym memberships. So what did I do? I terminated all but one of my gym memberships and created the best home gym.

Best decision ever!

Here are some tips and guide on how to create the best home gym:

1. Expect to create a small-medium space for the equipments

Of course, it’s best if you have a lot of space to spare or a designated workout room. But even with limited space, you’ll be able to find suitable equipments because there are a variety of compact, multitasking machines to choose from (read my product reviews to see suitable machines). Once you’ve identified the space, take down some measurements to help you choose equipments that’ll fit into the space.

2. Always look up the different choices available

You can either choose a combination of equipments or one that combines different workout functions. In my opinion, a multitasking machine works great because you get all that you need in a single machine. I also like the fact that it almost always takes up less space. If you prefer a combination of equipments, then look out for the best priced equipments because buying multiple workout machines can cost a fortune if you’re not mindful of the price.

3. Try out the equipments to determine their suitability

Similar to a typical gym setting, you’ll want to create an environment for balanced workout in your home gym. For that, you’ll need to have a upper and lower body workout function in the equipment(s) you choose. Besides that, you’ll probably want to consider machines that incorporate resistance training and is easy to use. As for me, I like to buy my equipments from Amazon because they arrive in great shape, almost always easy to assemble and comes with great discounts. What I’ll usually do is to try out the equipments in my local store before buying online. Maybe you can do the same.

4. Create a comfortable workout space

This is especially important because since you’ll be using the space pretty often, it’s important that you make it a place where you’ll want to visit again and again. Having a TV around helps keep you occupied while working out. Or, you can also load your MP3 player with some of your favorite songs and pick up a magazine while exercising. I’m sure you’ll grow to enjoy your workout sessions.

These are 4 of the simplest, most straightforward tips to help you kick start your home gym building plan. Read my blog to find more useful tips like 5 Gym Mistakes to Avoid and Quick Guide to Successful Home Gym Maintenance.

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