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Bowflex is known for making the best fitness equipments available in the market. What I like the most about their home gyms is that they draw their resistance from its cable pulley systems. The Bowflex Blaze is one of those great machines in Bowflex and is a perfect replacement for the Bowflex Sport, which is now discontinued by the manufacturer.

Bowflex Blaze Home Gym

What’s so special about it?

The best thing about the Bowflex Blaze is that it uses power rods instead of wrought iron as its source of weight resistance. Instead of inserting a pin into the amount of weight you intend to lift, all you need to do is connect the cables to the ends of the power rods. Simple is it not? Plus, it is definitely much safer to have in a home where you have curious toddlers exploring around.

This baby will deliver a maximum of 210lbs. of resistance and a minimum of 5lbs. with its power rod, cable pulley system. So you see, no matter what your fitness level is, the Bowflex Blaze is usable by you. And when you outgrow the available 210lbs. you can get an upgrade kit from Bowflex that will bring your total resistance weight to up to 310lbs. or 410lbs. for only $99 each and are quick and simple to install. Here’s a tip; you can get to 410lbs. without first buying the 310lbs. upgrade so that this way, you can save some money!

Something special about the Bowflex Blaze is that it has a lat tower because most Bowflex machines do not have this fixture. For me, it is most definitely a must have piece of accessory for stand up back chest and shoulder exercise. Combine this with the leg curl extension, you will get a full body workout that ensures affective workouts that are easy to perform and comfortable thanks to the padded T-bar attachment.

Best value for my money

As you may notice, Bowflex produces several great looking fitness equipments to choose from. Among the many, I think that the Bowflex Blaze is a great buy. It is priced at the very low end of the price range of all the fitness equipments.

Despite the fact that this specific model is a stripped down model of Bowflex’s more expensive equipments, it still does offer all the benefits and convenience. As I mentioned, the Bowflex Blaze comes with a lat tower and leg curl extension, that even the most expensive Bowflex models doesn’t have together inside the box. It is definitely a steal once you have compared it with the others!
Bowflex Blaze Home Gym
I also think that this home gym machine is really well made, for the price that you will pay for the Bowflex Blaze. I mean, after a few years your machine will still look and perform awesome! And although some people say they prefer metal workout handles, I personally still prefer plastic because it will not get slippery during any of my workouts.

When buying a fitness machines there is one thing that I despise. I just hate it when the upholstery of a fitness machine get cracks on them. The bench/seat on this home gym machine is made from polyurethane fabric, the same used to upholster seats in cars and trucks, so you know that they are durable to withstand heavy-duty exercising.

All-in-all, the Bowflex Blaze Home Gym comes with my highest recommendation. It is a great buy, and a real value for your money. Despite its lower price tag, it offers the most premium benefits and home gym standard that can be used by everyone in your home.

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