Dumbbells Workout

Dumbbells Workout to try at home

Dumbbells add variety to any workout. You can achieve a quick and effective total body work out in minimal time using Dumbells and Free Weights. Why not try bringing your gym dumbbell workout to your home, making it easier and more convenient way to exercise?

Dumbbells are an excellent way to work your primary muscle to develop strength, power, muscle tone and muscle definition. It is easy to work one muscle from many different angles using a dumbell exercise and you are more likely to achieve greater muscle definition and tone. The great advantage of a dumbell workout is you can use it in the gym or in the home both giving you the same effective workout.

Using dumbbells to exercise and tone up in your home takes up less space compared to an actual weight machine. Only a few sets of dumbbells, ranging from 2kg-30kg or even higher, take up the space of only one multi-gym machine. They can be stored safely on a dumbbell rack also. Dumbbells can be made of either Chrome, or rubber and sometimes rubber with chrome ends plates or neoprene. Consider buying dumbbells that will not damage your floor such as rubber or neoprene dumbells. If you do decide to exercise in your home you may need a weight lifting bench to assist your dumbbell workout. However you can improvise inside your home with chairs, aerobic steps, stability balls etc.

Your Personal Trainer will tell you that you should lift heavier weights with less repetitions for strength training and to build muscle – 6 to 8 repetitions is ideal, and reduce your weights and increase your repetitions to between 12 to 20 for muscle tone, muscle definition and weight loss. Start your workout with the major muscle groups first eg Chest or Pectorals, Shoulders or Deltoids, Back or Lats, and then the minor muscle groups such as triceps, biceps and calfs.

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