Commercial or Home Use Gym Equipment?

Why you should seriously consider commercial gym equipment for your home gym. Are high street brands only offering perceived value?

Having home gym equipment is hugely popular. When money is involved why spend more when cheaper options are available? The decision should be clear when choosing between high street and commercial quality.

Home Gym Equipment is a great thing to be able to invest in, as you are essentially investing in health, fitness and the future. There is a cost attached to setting up a home gym, but is it worth taking the shortcuts and trying to save some money?

The quick answer is no. Gym machinery is always heavy duty, the weight stacks alone can weigh around 150-200kgs, so when you are putting your body in between all of that steel you need to be confident that it will perform as it promised, otherwise you will not have an efficient workout and may even give up using it.

Commercial Gym Equipment is designed to be used day in, day out and as such it is built to last. Most of the major manufacturers design, build and sell from their country of origin, with the company personally overseeing the quality of the machinery they produce.  This process isn’t the same for the high street brands that nut and bolt together, but the price obviously takes this into account.

But what if you could get commercial equipment at a great price?

Howard Braband, MD of Health Clubs at Home, has been supplying refurbished commercial gym equipment to homes for almost a decade. He says ‘too many times I have seen people come to get commercial equipment only to find out they are replacing a high street piece they tried first. Meaning they are spending extra money that they didn’t need to if they had chosen ex-commercial first. You don’t need to be a body builder or even an avid gym goer to know that commercial quality will outlast the high street models for tens of years.’

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