Cardio Workouts

Fitting cardio workouts into your weekly schedule is, for some, an utter nightmare and it really shouldn’t be. If you are serious about working out, then you need to be serious about all of its aspects. If you want to have a good physique but also want the benefits from all of that weight work, then including cardio is the key to unlocking your body’s potential. It will help keep you flexible and also help to keep your fat levels down if you haven’t quite cracked the diet.

Cardio can be as little as two days of the week. And there can even be a little weights session after if you cannot live without one. But if possible, then stay away from the Treadmills and commercial gym equipment for one of the nights, just get outside and run. The fresh air and freedom will do you wonders, not just for your body but also for your mind and attitude.

If you want to get a well rounded workout, and ultimately well rounded health and fitness then you have to include some cardio into your workout. A swim or a run, it doesn’t overly matter as long as your body is getting the benefits. You will feel better for it, and your body will be getting time to repair between lifting sessions, it is a win-win situation!

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