The Best Weight Bench Reviews 2020 – Workout at Home

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Fitness-Frog.comWeight benches are some of the best workout equipments that you can have in your home or in the gym, which allow you to train almost every muscle in your body with just one machine. However, with the huge variety of products on the market today it isn’t always easy to make the right choice and figure out what you really need. Just like many other types of fitness equipment, good workout benches have different functions, quality levels and price ranges. The chart below is designed to give you an overview of best weight benches currently available. You can sort the different products by price and rating, or read our full product reviews if you want to find out more.

Picture Model Rating More Infos
Bowflex Bench Bowflex SelectTech 3.1 4.5 Stars Click Here
Bowflex Series 5.1 Bench Bowflex SelectTech Series 5.1 4.5 Stars Click Here
Olympic Bench from Adidas Adidas Olympic Bench 4.2 Stars Click Here
Olympic Bench by Marcy Marcy Diamond MD 857 Olympic Surge 4.1 Stars Click Here
Flat Bench Adidas Flat 4.5 Stars Click Here
Decline Bench Universal Decline 3.8 Stars Click Here

Features to Consider When Choosing the Best Weight Bench for Home:

Most workout benches are designed to handle the lifter along with the weights that they are working with. They are basically flat with a padded seat base that serves as a cushion for the user. Most models are made from tubular steel tubes, which are bolted or welded on the conjoining seams. On the other hand, there are some models that have a more elaborate features such as an inclining backrest and fully adjustable seat base which provides different seating angles that offers a variety of resistance to efficiently develop the muscles in your abdomen, chest and arms. Some products also feature an attachable leg workout mechanism that can be bought as a separate add-on component to your existing workout bench. However, there are weight lifting benches that already come with these features which can really give you a complete upper body and leg workout. This makes upgradeability another important factor to consider, since you do not want to get a workout equipment that offers you as many different training options as possible. After market service and parts are very important to make sure that the brand you choose has parts that are available after your warranty has lapsed. Comfort and stability is also as important as not everybody has the same type of body features with regard to size and height. Always determine if you will be able to comfortably reach certain segments of the workout bench and if you feel comfortable when you sit on it (This shouldn’t be a big problem unless you are extremely tall or short). Determine whether the seats are fully adjustable to be able to give you a variety of seating positions. The quality of the seat cushion and the durability of the upholstery is also essential. Make a detailed inspection of the way the steel tubes are put together, especially on the conjoining seams to determine the strength of the entire weight bench. Whether that be for daily exercise or just a means of keeping your body toned, you should always decide on the type of workouts you plan to do. If you should have any issues regarding minor back and muscle conditions, but still wanting to get a workout bench to use in your home, it is ideal to consult a doctor or physical trainer before buying one. Here are some different types  that can give you a variety of different workout methods which targets certain muscle groups on the body, particularly the arms, abdominals and the legs. Each type may vary in design as each may have features that differ from one another. Check out our short descriptions of the different options out there to find the perfect one for you.

Types of Home Weightlifting and Workout Benches:


Biceps training benchPreacher Curl Bench:

Pump it like Arnold! This type is used to develop the biceps and was one of Arnold Schwarzeneggers favorite exercises! There is a cushioned arm pad that is used to dampen the pressure exerted on the elbows as you lift. Its foundation is very stable since the of the user is sitting on it and pushing it down, keeping it balanced under any circumstances. Having a 30 degree sloping angle, a preacher curl bench is usually small enough to fit in most places, which is very ideal for personal home use.

Free Weights BenchThe Best Dumbbell Weight Benches:

This type of equipment is used to provide the means of making the use of dumbbells more convenient compared to performing exercises standing up. This type usually has an adjustable seat base along with a fully functional inclining backrest which can be configured to any desired angle to fit the purpose of your work out. Most dumbbell models have fixed horizontal seats, while others have ready built segments that can be used to attach other add-ons such as a preacher curl or even a leg workout extender, which is usually bought separately.

Olympic Weight BenchThe Best Olympic Weight Benches:

Olympic workout benches are more elaborately constructed compared to other products types as they are built with heavy gauge steel tubes. This is necessary since Olympic benches not only support the the user sitting on it, but also have to accommodate the weight of the barbells that are usually placed on the bar holders above the seat. The seat and backrest are usually adjustable to give you the convenience of adjusting your preferred height and inclination angle. Since the safety of the lifter is important, stability is essential to make to make sure the athlete has full control at all times. Some products also come with a leg workout extender that provides users with a complete, full body training which is the closest thing that you can have to that of having your own personal home gym.

Red and Black adjustable weight benchThe Best Adjustable Bench Reviews

Adjustable Weight Benches are some of the most useful exercise equipment you can buy. They are as versatile as it gets and allow you to do a variety of different workouts and exercises all with just one piece of equipment. Most models can be adjusted from a flat position to different incline angels, up to a 90° angle. Some types can even be adjusted to a decline angle, allowing you to perform ab training or decline dumbbell flyes as well. While the typcial workout bench training focuses on the upper body, from shoulders to chest, arms, abs and the back area, some adjustable benches can be combined with additional equipment to also allow for leg workouts. Combine them with a pair of dumbbells and you can train your entire body effectively without spending a fortune or having to have a lot of free space.

Six Pack Workout BenchThe Best Sit Up Weight Benches:

Setup Benches are usually designed with an adjustable seat base and backrest to give users a lot of inclination angles to diversify the intensity of working out your abs. The backrest is usually the key component in providing a variable amount of resistance to the abdominal muscles as you train. In most cases, a built-in leg holder is included to provide the support and stability as you lift your body from an inclined angle. Most seating angles start horizontally, but go all the way to a 35 degree upright angle.


If you are a bit lost in making a decision on which type of weight workout bench you should buy, browse a couple of reviews of different products on this site! Everything is sorted by category so you should have an easy time finding what you’re looking for. Alternatively you can check out sports shops or your local gym. You could even ask avid bodybuilders on their opinion as to what type is ideal for you. The most important aspect in determining the right type, that will adequately fit your needs for the training exercises that you plan to do. This can give you a clearer perspective on the perfect product that will surely suit your needs.

Product Reviews:

Picture Name Price Type Full Review
Olympic Bench from Adidas Adidas Olympic $300 Adjustable/Olympic Click Here
Bowflex Series 5.1 Bench Bowflex SelectTech Series 5.1 $225 Adjustable Click Here
Bowflex Bench Bowflex SelectTech 3.1 $150 Adjustable Click Here
Review for the CAP Deluxe Bench CAP Barbell Deluxe Utility $159 Adjustable Click Here
Olympic Bench by Marcy Marcy Diamond Olympic $194 Adjustable/Olympic Click Here
Strong Design Adidas Flat $79 Flat Click Here
Decline Bench Universal Decline $50 Abs Click Here

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