As you can see, some of the top brands have made our list of top treadmills. As suggested by data on the treadmill comparison chart above, each model is a good buy for walkers and runners alike. Some of the key factors in our decision include:

  1. All five treadmills provide enough room for family members of all sizes to exercise comfortably.
  2. Each “best treadmill” has an automated incline, which is a great feature for enhancing calorie burn and muscle definition.
  3. Horsepower is another important factor. These popular treadmills all have strong motors to support serious exercise and promote product longevity.

Want a cheaper treadmill? A more expensive treadmill? The list below has treadmills in all price categories. They’re organized according to review scores, with the best treadmills shown first. The links lead to FitRated’s full reviews including pros, cons, treadmill comparisons and shopping links.