The Best Rowing Machine Reviews – Workout With Ergometers 2020

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The rowing machine, also known as indoor rower or ergometer, is a machine which simulates the boat rowing action. It is considered as an exercise and training equipment which not only exercises the cardiovascular system of the body but also the major muscle groups as well, making the rowing machine a total body exercise machine. Today, indoor rowing has veritably grown as a sport on its own.rowing machine

In buying this equipment, it is best to take a closer look at the features and weigh their advantages and disadvantages to your own exercise or training program. Each type of rowing machine offers distinct options which you must take into careful consideration.

The health benefits of this exercise equipment are tremendous. Aside from what was already mentioned before, rowing exercise is good for strength and stamina. It also helps in losing weight and in adding flexibility to the body. While the machine works your arms, legs and shoulders, it also benefits the abdomen as well. Thus, this is known for its aerobic and anaerobic benefits.

In order to make an informed choice of what indoor rower you should buy, there are a couple of features you should really consider.

Features the Best Rowing Machine Should Have

As in other exercise machines, the user must generally consider the rowing machine in terms of height. This simply means that a taller person will need a machine which has longer frames as well as higher saddles. The frame is defined as the entire length of the machine in which the other parts of the machine are assembled, while the saddle is where the user sits.

All machines are different and so a good rowing position is vital. This means that aside from the over-all frame and saddle of the machine, the user must also think about the handle or bar which is the part held and pulled by the rower during the exercise, the cable which connects the bar to the machine and the flywheel which creates the rowing resistance. Some machines are called sculling machines because they use a lever (or two) which swings.

The console, of course, is also an important feature since this will display the stroke rate, speed, time, estimated amount of calories being burned, distance, as well as the pulse and heart rate.

Ergometers have programs which will offer the various workout schedules which will suit you and your body. These consist of preset values for specific distances, time, speeds and stroke rates. This is quite important since it has been noted that this exercise equipment when not properly used, tend to damage the lower back. As an exercise and training equipment, it is best to start with a rowing with doctor’s advice as well as expert guidance.

Different types of this exercise equipment offer different types of workout in terms of resistance. Let us now look at the four general types of rowing machines.


Types of Rowing Machines and Ergometers

air rowing machineAir or Flywheel Rowing Machine:

It is the most commonly used ergometer in gyms and other fitness facilities. This offers the natural feeling of boat rowing which is effectively simulated by the flywheel resistance which in turn makes the user do a pulling motion. With the resistance being provided by the wind, the rower can then increase resistance by simply pulling harder on the machine.

There is easily more freedom in this type of rowing machine and, as compared to the hydraulic-based equipment; it provides a smoother and more natural exercise flow.

Budget-wise, air indoor rowers offer excellent value in the long-term.


hydraulic rowing machine

Hydraulic Rowing Machine:

Using hydraulic shocks similar to an automotive, a hydraulic rowing machine has the advantage over the types when it comes to being a space-saving exercise machine. Effective and adjustable, its performance relies on the tension produced by the air or fluid compressed within a cylinder.

This is economically viable. Most versions of this type, however, make you use a rowing technique which is not similar to the air, magnetic and water rowing styles.

Although not as realistic as the other types, the hydraulic can be an ideal choice for building strength.


magnetic rowing machineMagnetic Rowing Machine:

This type of rowing machine is best recognized as the silent type. It also provides a very smooth stroke and creates wind resistance through its magnetic braking system. If you want a machine which closely simulates boat rowing, then this is the one for you.

The use of electromagnets in this type of machine makes it more accurate in producing detailed information you may need for your exercise program such as detailed report on distance, calories burned and more.

This is also fully adjustable since it has a central rail system which cannot be moved, although this means that this equipment will take up more space compared to other types.

In short, while the magnetic rowing machine offers an ideally smooth and natural rowing experience, the user must allot sufficient indoor space for this equipment.


water rowerThe Water Rower:

One of the main advantages of this type of ergometer is that it not only offers the true-to-life experience of rowing on water, it also helps the user adjust better. This is geared towards the equipment being a training machine for rowers. To increase the resistance, the user only needs to increase his rowing intensity. Another option in increasing resistance is by adding the amount of water in a specially-designed tank. While the noise created by the water rower is definitely more than the magnetic type, it is comparatively quieter than the air rower.


So, have you figured out which is the best rowing machine for you? In order to choose the right one, you have to consider your own exercise goals. If you are into rowing with more passion and will be having a more extensive workout program for it, then best choose the equipment which has the higher quality in terms of life and value. Remember that your exercise goals will define your exercise activities.

Since the ergometer offers a total body workout which has both aerobic and anaerobic health benefits, it will be well worth every penny you spend for it.


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