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Welcome to Treadmill-Direct.com, your destination for home gym equipment, our business has helped people around the globe get fit for over 25 years. With our years of experience selling high-quality home fitness equipment around the world, Treadmill-Direct.com is here to help you find what you need on your quest for health and fitness.

If you’re not sure which home gym equipment best fits your needs, then please look through our buying guides for information that will help you figure out if you need an elliptical or treadmill, or something else entirely! We understand that your fitness goals are unique; just like people, no two workout plans or exercise motivations are alike.

When it comes to home cardio workouts, the treadmill and elliptical benefits are huge, but people with injuries or other physical limitations may be interested in our other options, like recumbent exercise bikes. For those of us who live in places where space is at a premium, options like our folding treadmills and compact ellipticals will complement the urban lifestyle nicely. If you live in more forgiving climes you could enjoy the fresh air all year round on a new exercise bike parked on the porch or in the backyard. Treadmill-Direct.com gym equipment allows you to work out when, where, and however you want.

Are you ready to create your home gym, or upgrade what you have? We invite you to look through our website to learn about the benefits of each product. Contact us if you need assistance, and don’t forget to check out our fitness blog for some great insights into working out, creating and maintaining a home gym, and much more. A home gym is a great asset for anyone to have; wherever you live, fitness equipment and home gym equipment can be chose right here at Treadmill-Direct.com!


This website was inspired by the growing Fitness trends and millions of people that try to live a healthier life by working out and exercising. Exercising takes a lot of dedication and we want to build a community that will not only help provide the best information on all aspects of fitness and working out, but also one that can help motivate each other to reach common goals.

We provide tons of free information on current fitness trends and also give general information about workout programs. Since there is tons of different fitness equipment available, we also review lots of different equipment ranging from weight benches to ellipticals.

Our primary goal is to be a go-to resource for almost any questions related to Fitness or general well-being.

Feel free to contact us via Email or get in touch on Facebook or Pinterest!


Finding the best treadmill for you requires asking yourself a few questions. The most important one is: why do I need a treadmill? For me, what´s the benefit of a treadmill vs. other fitness equipment? On a treadmill, you can avoid common outdoor running and walking hazards like traffic, air pollution, uneven roads and inclement weather, often with the added benefit of your home´s climate control and entertainments like TV and music to keep you occupied while you exercise.

Treadmills can offer a vast variety of cardio experiences, including resistance, incline, and tech features like an LCD TV or even a virtual trainer. A treadmill can help you regulate your pace and will provide a smooth, even running experience that´s entirely in your control.


Elliptical trainers and machines are great options for those who need a calorie-burning but low-impact workout plan: anyone with joint issues, injuries, or other conditions. Placing less stress on joints and bones than traditional or treadmill running, elliptical trainers offer a gentler but still effective type of home cardio workout.

For the ideal elliptical workout, you should pay attention to specs like stride length, pedal type (oversized, cushioned, pivoting, and much more are available), the types and accessibility of each machine´s controls, and additional features like water bottle holders, fans, and heart rate monitoring. There are even elliptical exercise bikes, which give you the extra support of a seat for a different kind of exercise. To learn more about the many elliptical benefits, take a look through our elliptical buying guide. No matter where you call home, ellipticals could be just what your home workout needs.


An exercise bike is an ideal exercise machine for burning calories to get fit, lose weight and tone up without having to leave your home. This type of exercise machine has earned its popularity as home gym equipment, and if you take a look at the many excellent options available, you’ll see why.

Affordable, portable, and remarkably easy to use, these fitness machines allow you to work out how, when, and where you want. Exercise bikes are considered one of the best ways to receive both a cardio and lower body workout, and people who have suffered from recent injuries are often recommended this style of workout to help with their recovery. The movement on the bike allows you to strengthen muscles without putting added strain on the joints.

There are two main designs of stationary exercise bikes to choose from: the upright stationary bike and recumbent exercise bikes. Both styles are very popular and can be used safely and easily at home. An upright exercise bike is very similar in design and style to a traditional bike; however, some people find that using these can create lower back discomfort. If that’s the case, the recumbent style of exercise bike may be a better choice for lower back support. It´s also an ideal exercise machine for people with injuries.

Stationary bikes come in any style you’ll need and include a number of solid features to help you get a great workout. We carry elliptical bikes, an indoor cycling bike (for an intense spin class workout at home), upright, and recumbent bikes, so no matter what your needs are, take a look!
Our bikes include easy-to-read displays, a number of challenging programs, and, like all of our fitness equipment: the best warranties in the industry and free shipping.

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